Our flexible IC design implementation service (DIS) leverages abundant IC design experiences and resources to facilitate global fabless IC design companies, systems integrators, and ASIC providers to achieve short time-to-market and efficient resource allocation.

Strong Design Capability

We have plenty of IC design and IP integration experiences in a wide range of applications, therefore, we are acquainted with not only each part of IC design flow but also possible issues about mass production.

Customers have the option to deliver RTL or netlist. We make good preparation in all details to ensure the best yield rate while assisting customers in design integration, CPU subsystem integration, CPU hardening, design and layout verification, synthesis, DFT implementation, and/or physical implementation.

Comprehensive Design Resources

We have built up solid SoC expertise and steady talent pool which can effectively fulfil customers’ demand for backend or front-end design implementation service. Customers can focus on their core design parts and make good use of our resources to complete the rest.

Our service embraces a dedicated team with a technical project leader for best schedule control and the security of customers’ proprietary information.
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Effective Project Management

In addition to our experienced project management team, our service applies an in-house online project management system to manage the implementation flow and schedule. It supports in five categories:
Quotation system
Project evaluation system
Issue tracking system
Schedule control
Design implementation flow control system

Security Guaranteed

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SiNBLE ISMS (Information Security Management System) framework covers controls related to organizational structure (physical and logical), human resources, information technology, and supplier management among others.

The remote collaboration between SiNBLE and customers will be arranged via a secured room to guarantee the security of customers’ proprietary information. Our security control mechanism includes:
CCTV and video record system for design room and data center
Internet VPN or dedicated line to customer design environment
Logically separated network with firewall appliance protection
Two-factor authentication mechanism for system login; only accessed by authorized team members
No data download from customer data vault allowed
Dedicated design room with access control