Singapore-based Start-up SiNBLE Launches IC Design Implementation Service

Singapore, May 25, 2023

Singapore-based start-up SiNBLE announced its official launch today, offering the integrated circuit (IC) and subsystem design implementation service. This service leverages abundant IC design experiences and resources to facilitate global fabless IC design companies, systems integrators, and ASIC providers to achieve short time-to-market and efficient resource allocation. With a particular focus on FinFET nodes, SiNBLE is committed to simplifying IC design for its customers.

SiNBLE offers the options for customers to deliver RTL or netlist, and provides GDSII as the end result. The company’s experienced team has substantial R&D and project management expertise in major foundries’ process technologies, such as 3nm, 4nm, 5nm, 6nm, and 8nm, for applications including mobile devices, high-performance computing (HPC), and automotive.

"We are excited to launch SiNBLE and offer a flexible IC design implementation service to the market," said Kevin Koh, CEO of SiNBLE. "Our service is designed to provide our customers with exceptional IC design expertise and support, aimed at helping them achieve their chip design goals in an efficient, quality, and secure manner.”



About SiNBLE Technology

SiNBLE Technology Pte. Ltd., headquartered in Singapore, consists of professional engineers with skilled experience and well-trained knowledge in chip design. SiNBLE is committed to providing excellent IC design implementation services and strives to make IC design simple for its customers. For more information, visit or follow SiNBLE on LinkedIn.

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